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6 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

When you are looking at resumes, employers are always looking for something that will stand out. This can often be the difference between getting an interview or not.

Here are some tips on how to make your resume stand out:

1. Include relevant keywords from the job description in your resume

You may not think of keywords as a way to make your resume stand out, but they are relevant for all three groups: search engines, employers and human reviewers. Even if you don't know the exact terms employers are using when searching resumes online, you can still use keywords to improve the chances that your resume will be picked up by recruiters or automated systems like applicant tracking systems (ATSs).

For example, if you're applying for an administrative assistant position at an accounting firm and need help getting noticed by recruiters and ATSs alike, then it's important that you include words such as "administrative assistant," "accounting" (or even just "acct"), "office management," etc. in your resume.

2. Use a header to make yourself memorable

If you're applying for a job that has a specific header, make sure your resume matches it. Most positions have something like "Personal Statement," or "Objective." Use these terms in your resume to help the hiring manager remember you more easily.

On the other hand, don't use a header that is too long or too short; don't be overly formal by naming yourself as “John Smith,” but also avoid using casual language like “hey y'all!” In general, keep things professional and straightforward here.

3. Make your opening line more than just an objective

Your opening line should be a summary of your credentials, not an objective. A good opening line is brief, clear and specific. It’s a statement of purpose or intent—not an advertisement for you (or any other job candidate).

In this case, “to provide consulting services to companies in need of increased productivity and profitability” doesn’t tell the reader anything about you; it simply indicates that you want to work for an organization that could use your expertise. Instead say something like: "To work with small businesses seeking cost-effective ways to increase sales and profits." This shows that you have experience with areas likely related to their business model (and maybe even can help them achieve their goals).

4. Focus on accomplishments more than duties

In a resume, the most important thing you can do is make sure your accomplishments stand out. When you tell an employer that you were responsible for managing a team of 15 employees, they'll want to know what that meant for the company's bottom line.

Asking yourself "What did I actually accomplish?" will help give your resume the focus it needs to make those accomplishments clear. Here are some examples:

  • Achieved $2 million in new business revenue

  • Increased sales team's productivity by 30% over 6 months

  • Reduced client wait time from 2 weeks to 1 day

5. Add some personality to your resume

To start, you should consider adding your own personality to the resume. In most cases, a resume is going to be read by someone who knows nothing about you or your skills and experience. You can use this opportunity to introduce yourself in a way that stands out, making it easier for an employer or hiring manager to understand why they should hire you over another candidate.

One way to do this is by using a catchy header at the top of each page of your resume. This could be something along the lines of “Dreamer” or “Entrepeneur” (if those are titles that accurately describe what it is that you do). Another method is by describing yourself as an animal; for example: “I am an eagle soaring through the sky with my eyes set on greatness!” The point here is not so much about being unique as it is about being memorable; if there are 100 candidates applying for one position, then having something unique on their application will make yours stand out from all others when reviewed by someone who does not know much about any given candidate's skillset yet needs help deciding which person would best fit into their organization's culture and vision moving forward.

6. Your resume should be simple, concise, and accomplishment-focused

When it comes to finding a job, you’ve got a lot of competition. That’s why your resume needs not only to be good but also to stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do to make sure that your resume gets noticed and read. Here are our top five tips for making your resume stand out:

  • Be clear and concise

  • Use keywords from the job description

  • Make yourself memorable by using a header or bullets instead of paragraphs (and by adding some personality!)

Remember, your resume should be more than just a list of duties. It’s an opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and the value you can bring to the company. The best way to make it stand out is by focusing on what matters most—what results you were able to achieve in different roles and how that will translate into success at this new position.

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