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If you've ever felt defeated when you've taken time away from your family to job search with zero reputable leads, Legit Mom Jobs is for you. You can use your time more efficiently by applying to positions that are specifically looking for work from home moms.


We only post legit remote jobs. This can be anything from part time jobs for stay at home moms to full time jobs for stay at home moms. Whether you're seeking part time remote jobs or full time remote jobs, we have something for everyone!

We screen every single job listing application that comes into our inbox. If we don't think the listing can benefit our work from home mom community, then will reject it.

We do not accept job listings for MLM positions on Legit Mom Jobs.


Business Listing Plans and Job Seeker Plans prices vary. We've created plans for those who want to job seek or list for a week and we have more extended membership plans that give you more bang for your buck.

These fees will allow for a much easier job seeking and job posting process because it allows Legit Mom Jobs the opportunity to weed out businesses with intention to scam and it keeps our applicants to people who are serious about finding a job.

If you're a business seeking a hard working mom, you're going to get a higher quality applicant. These moms are paying to find you!

If you're a job seeker looking for a reputable work from home job, you're going to spend way less time apply and competing against thousands of applicants by only apply to high quality positions who understand you're a hard working mom just looking for a solid remote job opportunity!

It's a win/win for everyone in the Legit Mom Job community!


Absolutely! Although employers make be seeking someone in a specific time zone, if you think you would make a good candidate for a position, definitely apply! You DO NOT have to be a mom to join Legit Mom Jobs.


We started Legit Mom Jobs to specifically help moms out there who are physically and mentally exhausted from throwing their job hat in a massive list of job seekers but we will certainly welcome anyone into the Legit Mom Job community who is seeking a job to move their life forward while supporting another persons business dream. It's a team effort!

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