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5 Common Mistakes Moms Make When Looking for a Job

I love remote work. I also love being home with my children and family. Remote work allows me to do both! However, there is far more to working from home than just knowing what your favorite slippers are or how to make a cup of coffee. If you want to be successful in remote working, you need to approach it like any other job search.

Everything from writing resumes, finding the right jobs, the interview process and then finally, the job offer process are all different from how they were a few years ago when we first jumped into this space.

If you're struggling with finding your own dream remote job, here are five common mistakes moms make when applying for remote jobs that could be holding you back:

1. Your resume isn't tailored for remote / flexible jobs

When you're looking for a remote job, your resume needs to be tailored to the position. If you want to get hired as a software developer, you need a resume that explains why and how you've built things before. If the company is looking for someone with experience in their specific programming language, they'll expect that detail on your resume (and if not, they might not even read it).

If this all sounds should be! But in our eagerness to land work anywhere and everywhere, it's easy to forget just how much time we spend crafting each Word document or PDF file until it's perfect according to our own standards. And because most of us are used only writing about our accomplishments at work—things like "I worked with clients!" or "I helped build an accounting system!"—we may fail to consider what hiring managers will want from us when they're looking through stacks of applications from other qualified candidates.

2. You are not looking in the right places

While large job search sites will present you with endless jobs, they may not be what you're looking for. It's important to find a job that will actually work with your life. If you're a new parent or can only work during certain times of the day, then a full time 9 to 5 job probably isn't the best idea for you.

We have many legit and flexible remote jobs listed here. Check them out!

3. You are not embracing the "new normal"

It's common for moms to be at a crossroads, where they want the flexibility of working from home but also want to get out of the house for a change. However, if you're not embracing the "new normal," you might be surprised by how much more you enjoy working remotely than sitting in an office all day.

  • Remote work is becoming more popular every year. It can help reduce your carbon footprint and save on gas costs which makes it easier on the environment as well! You can work from anywhere: at home or a coffee shop; from your carpool or from any other location with internet access (including beaches!). The choice is yours!

  • Flexible hours mean less time spent commuting and more time with family or friends during those long commutes back home after work days are over.

  • Working remotely does require self-discipline, but there are many benefits that come along with it including being able to spend more time with loved ones without having them feel neglected due to lack of attention given towards them by their parents who are busy working all day long without even knowing what time it truly is since they were always focused on getting things done before leaving work after hours so they wouldn't miss anything important happening around town while being stuck inside four walls all day long just sitting around doing nothing but staring into space until something was needed urgently such as getting food prepared quickly so everyone could eat before heading back home early again due.

4. You don't mention your telework experience (if any)

You should mention any experience you have with telework. If you haven’t done any, don't worry—many people haven't yet. But if you have and it was positive, by all means, bring it up. It's important for employers to know that their remote employees can be productive from home. You never know what kind of situation they're looking for, so at least let them know that you'd be open and willing to do some work from home if necessary.

5. You don't mention your family responsibilities up front

  • Include your family responsibilities up front.

  • Mention your family responsibilities in your cover letter, interview and resume.

As a mom, you may have the tendency to downplay the fact that you are a parent when applying for jobs because you think it might make employers question your ability to work long hours or travel frequently. But if being a mother is important to you (and it should be), don’t hide this fact from potential employers and colleagues!

6. You have no plan in place

You will find yourself in a much better place if you have a plan for what you will do when you get a job, how you will do your job, and how you will manage your time and finances.

Many typical mistakes can be avoided if you know what they are and what red flags to look out for.

So, you’ve decided to look for a remote job. Good! Making the switch can be a smart move if it makes financial sense for your family and allows you more time with your little ones. But there are some things you should avoid when searching for this kind of work.

Here are some of the mistakes moms make when looking for remote jobs:

  • Not doing research on the company or position before applying. If an ad doesn't seem right, don't apply anyway. The company might not be legitimate or they may not have enough opportunity to offer you what they promise in their job description—and then what will happen? You'll waste both your time and theirs!

  • Not asking questions during interviews (or refusing to answer them). Research shows that women tend to be more reserved than men when interviewers ask tough questions or try out different sales pitches on them; but being assertive is exactly what employers want! You should feel comfortable voicing any concerns about salary or benefits packages beforehand so that your boss knows exactly where he stands with his new employee—and vice versa!

It's easy to get caught up in the search for a remote or flexible job, especially if you're a mom looking for flexibility. Don't fall into the traps that others have already made! It may seem like there are a lot of mistakes listed here, but don't worry: they can be avoided by being prepared and staying organized while hunting down your dream job.

There are so many amazing remote job opportunities out there! Find yours here.


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