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How to Break Back into the Workforce after Becoming a Stay at Home Mom

If you're a mom who's been spending time at home with your kids and now wants to get back into the workforce, you may be feeling apprehensive. You know, moms are supposed to be at home with their kids. But maybe you want more out of life than that? Even if the idea of going back to work doesn't sound like fun right now, I'm here to tell you: it can be! You just need the right approach and mindset going in.

Take a look at these helpful tips for breaking back into the workforce after being a stay at home parent:

Flexible hours

Flexible hours are ideal for working parents. This is especially true if you have children who need a lot of attention, or if you're the primary caregiver for an aging parent. A flexible schedule will allow you to meet their needs and still work toward your own goals.

If you're hoping to rejoin the workforce after becoming a stay at home mom, consider looking into jobs that offer flexible hours. Some industries offer more flexibility than others:

If you want to work from home, there are plenty of options. You could be a freelance writer or blogger. You could be an accountant or bookkeeper. There are so many industries that now offer remote job opportunities!

Part-time work

Part-time work can be a great way to ease back into the workforce. It's flexible and allows you to work your way up to full-time employment. You'll also have time for other things, like taking care of your family or volunteering in your community.

Part-time work can also be a good way to test the waters before diving all the way back into full-time work.


Volunteering or interning can be an excellent way to get back into the workforce.

  • Volunteer at a non-profit organization that works in an area you're interested in, such as healthcare or education. This will allow you to gain experience and skills while also helping others.

  • Intern with a for-profit company or school/university within your field of interest. The advantage of this is that it often leads to full time employment after graduation if things go well! If you intern with a government agency, the benefits are similar but there are fewer opportunities available so it's best used as a last resort if nothing else works out.


Networking is not a dirty word. It’s about building relationships with people so that when an opportunity comes up, you can leverage those relationships to help you create your next career move. It’s about building your personal brand through networking, which means that if you want to work in a particular field or industry, it makes sense to focus on building connections there before applying for jobs (or even creating the job).

Your kids will be all right!

You will make it back into the workforce. It may take some time, but you can do it. It's important not to lose your confidence.

When you decide to go back to work, your children will adjust. They are strong and resilient and they won't fall apart if their parents aren't around as much anymore. In fact, they might miss you when they're older—but only a little bit (or a lot). If you're really worried about this adjustment period, consider hiring someone else who can help with childcare while you work on making extra money through freelancing gigs or side jobs like babysitting or housekeeping.

As you go through the process of finding work that matches your needs, remember to be flexible. You might find it helpful to think about what it is you want in a job before starting the search. Also, don’t get discouraged if you don’t find anything right away! It takes time and patience before finding a position that fits perfectly into your life.

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