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6 Powerful Words to Use in a Job Interview

Words are powerful, especially in a job interview. The right words can make you stand out from the crowd and land an offer. But what if you're not sure what to say? Here are five powerful words that will give your answers more impact:

1. Inquisitive

Are you curious? Do you ask questions about the role, the company and the industry? Or do you keep quiet for fear of offending someone? Regardless of how many questions are asked during an interview, it’s always good to ask more than one. Why? It shows that you have a genuine interest in working at this company. If there is something that is on your mind and hasn’t been mentioned yet (i.e., what are some typical daily tasks like), then now would be a good time to bring it up! You want to make sure that everything aligns with your goals and expectations before accepting an offer—and asking questions is one way to find out if it does or doesn’t match up with what they have told us so far."

2. Passionate

Passionate is a word you can use when you want to show that you are motivated to do a good job. It shows that the company's values and mission mean something to you, and that you will be enthusiastic about them. You may also use this word if you want to show how strongly you feel about working with the company or in the industry at large.

  • "I'm passionate about learning."

  • "I'm passionate about helping others."

  • "I'm passionate about doing well."

3. Achievement

Achievement is a good thing. It's not just something to be proud of, it's something we should all strive for as human beings. When you're going through your life and trying to achieve things, it shows that you have drive and motivation—and those are two very important qualities in any employee.

When you use the word achievement during a job interview, be sure to mention specific achievements that relate directly to the position and company you're interviewing for. For example: "I'm an achiever! My most recent achievement was successfully completing my degree in marketing."

4. Energetic

If you're enthusiastic about the job, it will show. Your interviewer can tell when you have a genuine passion for what the company does and how you can contribute to its success. Not only will this make them feel confident in hiring you, it's also something that makes people want to work with you!

5. Driven

Have a "can-do" attitude when interviewing for a job; don't just say what needs to be done but also how and by when (with your boss’s approval). People who take initiative with their tasks tend to perform better than those who don't. And if there is an obstacle keeping them from completing it? They won't let that stop them either! Their determination will lead them right through any problem they face along the way—and if they do come across something insurmountable while working at their task list, they'll come up with another plan instead of giving up completely like most other employees would do instead (which means more progress overall).

6. Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness is a key trait of successful people. People who are conscientious tend to do their work well and get it done on time. They don't procrastinate or neglect tasks because they're not sure what else to do with themselves at that moment. If you're conscientious, you'll be able to stand out from other applicants during the interview process and impress hiring managers. When an interviewer asks about your strengths and weaknesses, it's worth mentioning how you've been responsible for completing projects even when things got difficult or when others were slacking off (or both). This will show them how dependable and reliable you are!

The key to using these words is to know how they apply to your own experience. If you're not sure whether or not something is a passion, there's no shame in saying so! Use this as an opportunity to talk about what motivates you - whether it be money or fame or just learning new things every day.

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