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13 Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire Moms

On paper, writing down mom might not physically say much but it means a whole lot when you dig deeper into the qualities a mother has. When someone becomes a mom, they are immediately dealt the job of taking on endless tasks all while trying to raise good humans.

If you're a business looking for strong candidates to support your company, hiring a mom (or moms) should be a no brainer.

Take a look at these 13 reasons why you should hire a mom:

1. Moms are focused on the end goal

They know what they want and they're willing to put in the effort to get it. They're not afraid of hard work, and they know how to prioritize so that everything gets done. Many moms have had to make sacrifices for their families: some have given up careers, others have moved across the country or even out of state for family members who needed help with childcare, care for an ill loved one or other pressing needs in times of crisis. Moms have learned that sometimes you can't always get what you want right away—but if something is worth having at all then it's worth fighting for!

2. Moms have persistence

Moms are used to overcoming obstacles, so they know how to persevere in the face of difficulty. They’ve been working long hours for years, and know how to work under pressure without losing their cool or dropping the ball. It’s not just that moms have more experience than others—it’s also that they are accustomed to working hard with little or no sleep.

3. Moms will give you their all

Moms are passionate about what they do. Moms are committed to their work. They care about their careers and work hard to succeed. They have a strong sense of duty and will go above and beyond the call of duty when needed. They believe in their ability to do the job well, and they feel a responsibility to their employers because they want them to be successful as well.

4. Moms can easily adapt to any given situation

Moms are used to dealing with unexpected situations. Moms are used to working in a team and getting along with people from all walks of life. As a mom, you have probably already worked in an office environment before your children were born, so you will already know how to work under pressure as well as adapt quickly to any given situation. You’ve also probably had numerous jobs throughout your career that have required you to work for different bosses or clients, some of whom may not have been pleasant or easy to deal with—all qualities that will help when working for someone else outside of your home!

5. Moms are often quicker learners than others

If you're looking for someone who's used to learning new things, a mom is the perfect candidate. Moms have experience in learning from their mistakes and making mental notes of what they'd do differently next time. They also know how to learn from others—especially when that "other" is their child!

6. Moms get things done

Mom isn't just a prime candidate for your project, she's also a walking manifestation of the best practices and tactics you can use to make sure things get done.

Moms are used to getting things done with limited resources: time, money, space and support. This means that they're great at doing what needs to be done in order to get the job done right. If you need someone who knows how to find solutions when things get tough (because let's face it—they always do), then there's no better person than a mom!

7. Moms know what it's like to start over again

When you hire a mom, you're hiring someone who has been forced to learn how to start over again and again. Whether it's due to pregnancy or the need for child care, moms have had their careers interrupted. Moms are also more likely to work from home because they're often the primary caregivers for their children. They know what it's like to leave the office at 5:00pm and then be back in front of your computer at 7:00am the next day (or later).

Moms can help you build your business by taking on roles as writers, designers or developers who handle projects remotely. Hiring a mom gives you access to a diverse pool of talent with unique perspectives that will help grow your company in unexpected ways!

8. Moms are known for their attention to detail

Moms are known for their attention to detail. If you have a mom on your team, she'll be sure to catch any small mistakes that slip through the cracks. Mom's also follow instructions well and are good at being organized, which means they're great at following up on details and making sure everything gets done in a timely manner.

9. Moms are great listeners

If you are looking for someone to listen intently and with an open mind, a mom is the person for you. Moms are great listeners because they have a lifetime of experience in listening. Moms can listen because they’ve been listening since the day their child was born—and not just to what their kid says when they talk, but also to what their kid says when he doesn’t say anything at all.

Moms are also good listeners because they’ve been learning how to listen better over time. It takes practice and patience (and some coffee) if we want our kids to learn something new or understand why we need them do something different in certain situations. When I was pregnant with my son, I had no idea how much I would rely on him as a sounding board throughout my pregnancy—or how many times I would ask him questions like “Is my belly growing too fast? Is there room in here for another human being?” And even now that he’s out of the womb (hahahahaha), he continues asking questions about his big brother or sister every day—which gives me an opportunity for us both learn how each other thinks about things like emotions/feelings or even just how much love exists between two siblings who haven't met yet!

10. Moms can be trusted with sensitive information

There are a lot of reasons to hire a mom, but one of the biggest is that she can be trusted with sensitive information.

Moms are good at keeping secrets, promises and their word.

They’re also good at keeping their cool and not losing their temper. That makes them ideal candidates for jobs in which they have to deal with people who are under pressure or have strong emotions—like being a nanny or working in customer service!

11. You will not find a more empathetic employee than a mom

Empathy is an important trait to have in the workplace, especially when it comes to customer service. Empathetic employees can more easily put themselves in your shoes, and they will be more likely to understand what you need and how you feel.

A mom is a great candidate for this job because she has been through the experience of being a parent and has firsthand knowledge of what it's like to raise children. She'll know how stressful it can be when your schedule changes or if there's something going on at home that night that might interfere with work (or vice versa).

12. Moms are experienced in problem solving

You might be thinking to yourself, problem solving is a skill that can be developed. Well, you would be right! Problem solving is a skill that can be learned. It's also a skill that can be taught and it's even more effective if it's learned by example.

According to some studies, the best way for children to learn this important skill is by doing it themselves or watching someone else do it first-hand (and then trying their hand at it). So when your daughter comes home with an assignment on how to solve math problems and asks you for help, here are some things you should keep in mind:

13. Being a parent creates incredible mental strength

As a mom, you’re used to dealing with stress. You have to make sure your kids are fed, clothed and safe. You have to keep the dishes washed and the house clean while also finding time for yourself. You have to be a chef, a nurse, a nanny and sometimes even an accountant to ensure that everything runs smoothly at home.

Being a parent creates incredible mental strength because of these everyday struggles. If you were hired by someone as their personal assistant or secretary, it would probably be wise for them if they knew that your previous boss was someone like Superman — not another mortal who has never had any experience with anything remotely resembling superpowers before!

Moms make excellent employees! They're experienced in multitasking and problem solving, They have excellent listening skills and empathy for your employees, and you know how to trust that things will work themselves out. While it may not be immediately obvious on a parents resume or CV that they can do all these things instinctively just because of the fact that they're a parent, the truth is they are all transferable skills and a mom holds these and so many more amazing qualities for being a rockstar job candidate.

Want to hire an amazing mom to support your business? Submit your job listing here.


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