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5 Tips For Being a Work From Home Mom

How amazing does it sound to be able to work from home while taking care of your family? Pretty awesome, right?

While having the flexibility to be a stay at home mom with a full time remote job might sound like a dream, it can be difficult at first to get into the groove of working from home as a work from home mom.

5 Tips For Being a Work From Home Mom
5 Tips For Being a Work From Home Mom

Whether you are already a mom working from home looking for tips to improve your work day or you're a mom looking for a remote job, I hope these tips will help you increase your work flow while enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with working from home!

Take a look at these 5 helpful tips for becoming a rockstar work from home mom:

1. Get Dressed to Work From Home

What is the first thing you do in the morning if you're physically going into work? Get dressed! Well, when you're working from home, you should get dressed like you are going into work. Why? If you're working from home in cozy sweatpants, you're more likely to physically get cozy and ultimately become less productive. Now, you don't have to put on full work attire but try to avoid falling into the routine of wearing loungewear while working from home.

2. Establish a Work From Home Routine

Especially when just starting a work from home routine, you should establish a daily routine, just as you were physically going into work. This routine will likely change as you establish a true work from home routine, but it is important to work daily as if you were clocked into a physical job. As with all aspects of life, having a routine will help you become more productive overall. A work from home routine will help you work smarter, and not harder.

3. Set Realistic Work Goals and Expectations

Going from a stay at home mom to a work from home mom is a huge step. Working from home in general takes some getting used to and when you throw parenthood into the mix, it becomes a lot. When you are searching for a work from home job, look for a remote job that fits your lifestyle.

For example, if you're a new parent who is the primary caretaker and does not plan on seeking childcare, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to jump into a 40 hour workweek while continuing taking care of your baby full time. Instead, look for a part time remote job with flexible hours to get started.

4. Keep Work to Business Hours

As someone who has been a work from home mom for 8 years, I know it is tempting to check those emails through each waking hour. While it is tempting, try to keep your work from home job work within normal business hours. When you're home and outside of working hours, treat your home life as if you were truly home and present. The key to finding a reputable and legit work from home job is finding a remote job with realistic work from home expectations. The last thing a work from home mom or work from home dad needs is to be tied to a phone or computer while taking care of family.

Family always comes first. This is why Legit Mom Jobs was started! It is possible for moms to find part time and full time work from home jobs while they support their families. We are here to connect working moms and working dads to reputable businesses looking for hard workers.

5. Don't Compare Yourself to Other Working Parents

They say "Ain't no hood like parenthood!" and whoever said this 100% correct. When you become a caretake, your entire world changes. You may think that you'll have no problem going back to your corporate job after your maternity leave is up. You make think that you'll have no problem balancing parenthood and a career. While this may be the case for some people, it's not the case for every parent.

Parenthood is hard enough and truly the last thing any parent (especially first time parent) should be doing is dreading going back to work and being away from their child if they truly want to jump into the world of working from home. There is no one size fits all situation for this and you don't realize how hard it is until you're actually in the situation. So stop comparing your life to other parents who appear that they have it all together. I promise you, they don't! Comparison is the thief of joy in life. Find what YOU want to do. Find what fits YOUR LIFE.

No matter what your parenting situation is, if you're trying to work from home part time or full time while take care of your kids, you're sure to find yourself feeling overwhelmed at times.

Being able to work from home does have many perks, especially as a parent, but don't let anyone tell you you've got it easy because you work from home! Utilize the tips above and above all else remember to be kind to yourself - you have a lot to be proud of!

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