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Why Job Flexibility Is the Biggest Perk of Having a Remote Job

Working remotely is a great way to take advantage of the flexibility that comes along with it. The ability to set your own schedule, work from wherever you want and choose when you're available for meetings are all major benefits of remote work. However, there's one perk that often gets overlooked: job flexibility.

1. Flexible Schedule

For many people, a flexible schedule is a perk of remote jobs. Being able to work whenever you want can help with work-life balance, family time and personal time. For example, if you have an early morning appointment or have to pick up your kids from school, you can start working later in the day without missing out on any productivity.

If you have an evening doctor's appointment it's easy to finish up your assignment at home or take care of household chores while still getting things done. And if you're hitting the gym after work? The world is yours!

2. Increased Productivity

The increased productivity that often accompanies remote work is the most common and easily observed benefit of having a remote job. If you're not working in an open office space, it's likely that you have your own office or cubicle that no one else can see into. The absence of distractions like noise and people walking by your desk can help you focus on what is important to get done at any given time.

When you have access to technology like Slack, conference calls and video conferencing are easier than ever before. You don't have to worry about driving across town for a meeting because all of these conversations take place online now (or over the phone if necessary). This means you'll save time by getting more done during each day!

3. Less Stress

With a remote job, you’ll have less stress from commuting. You'll be able to wake up when you want and work from home—which means no more stop-and-go traffic jams or public transportation delays. You’ll also have less stress from office politics because there are fewer people involved in your day-to-day life at home. And finally, you'll have less stress because there are fewer office interruptions: no one dropping by your desk unannounced or barging into your conversation with an unnecessary question.

4. Opportunities for Travel

This is a perk of remote jobs that often goes unmentioned but is one of the biggest benefits. When you work remotely, your company may not have to pay for your flights or hotels, meaning that you're able to travel more without having to worry about costs. Your company also likely won't give you any travel restrictions, so if there's somewhere in the world that's on your list, it's much easier for them to approve a trip than if you were working in an office with set days off and office hours. This gives remote workers more freedom in their lives (and allows them save money).

It'll keep you healthier and happier!

Working from home allows people who suffer from chronic pain issues or who are recovering from surgeries or injuries (like heart attacks) keep working while they're still healing or recovering at home instead of being stuck at work every day when they feel like they're better off taking it easy.

5. High Levels of Satisfaction

Remote workers are happier than office workers. This is true in many ways, but especially when it comes to job satisfaction and life satisfaction. A recent study by Gallup found that remote workers are significantly more satisfied with their jobs and lives than in-office employees. They also have higher levels of job engagement, which means they're more motivated and productive at work.

6. Your Health Matters

When you work remotely, you have more time to do everything that is good for your health.

  • You get more sleep and spend less time commuting, so you’re less likely to be tired or stressed.

  • You can eat healthier because there are no coworkers around who will tempt you with junk food and soda when it's lunchtime.

  • You can exercise more often since working from home doesn't mean that you're stuck in front of a computer all day long (unless that's what works best for your job). If exercising is difficult to fit into an already busy schedule, being able to work from anywhere means that if there are no gyms nearby then it won't matter—you'll just go for a walk instead! This can lead not only better health but also increased productivity as well because fresh air helps brain activity.

7. Lower Costs

As a remote worker, you don't have to worry about paying for an office (or even having one). You can work from anywhere and still feel like you're part of the team. That means that your business doesn't need to pay for expensive office rent, furniture, supplies and other costs.

If your company does have an office that everyone works out of—but it's far away from where you live—you'll also save money on travel expenses. And if you do decide to visit the main office on occasion, then at least those trips will be shorter!

If you're thinking about taking a remote job, then flexibility is probably one of the biggest reasons. It's also the most important benefit of having a flexible schedule.

The idea that working in an office provides "convenience" seems like it would be true—but in reality, that convenience comes at a cost. When you're attached to your desk and chair at all times, it's hard to get away from distractions and focus on your work. A remote job lets you adjust your schedule so that distractions are kept to a minimum while productivity remains high.

A remote job can also help reduce stress levels by giving employees more time for self-care and leaving them with fewer responsibilities than those who work in an office full-time.

I hope this article has given you some insights into why job flexibility is so important, and how it can make a huge difference in your life. The key takeaway is that flexibility is more important than the "convenience" of working in an office. If you have any questions about what it's like to be a remote worker, feel free to leave them below!

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