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Why the Holiday Season May Be the Best Time of Year to Look for a New Job

Whether you're searching for a new job or looking to switch careers, there are many reasons to consider the holiday season. It's a time of year when employers are slow and hiring managers may be more open to considering candidates who might not normally fit their requirements.

Your chances to score a job are better than you think

You may have heard that the holidays are a bad time to look for a new job because hiring managers are too busy with holiday parties and other work-related events. That’s not true! Here's why:

  • Hiring managers are often more willing to consider new candidates during this time, since they have fewer prospects in their pipeline.

  • A good candidate is more likely to be hired if they already appear on the hiring manager's short list of applicants, so there is less risk involved in offering them an interview.

  • A good candidate who already went through an interview process is more likely to accept an offer than someone who has never been interviewed by the company before (and you don't want your boss thinking about how you're not qualified for anything).

Hiring for some jobs never slows down

The truth is that hiring for some jobs never slows down. Retail and hospitality jobs, for example, are always hiring new employees. These types of positions often require little to no experience, so it’s easy to get your foot in the door if you’re willing to learn and work hard.

If you have a skill that is in demand and there are fewer people out there than positions available (for example: nurses), then the holiday season may not affect how many job opportunities become available to you at all.

Being unemployed may make you more attractive

If you are currently unemployed, now may be the perfect time to start job-hunting. In a tight labor market, employers want to hire people who are not just looking for a job, but who are also looking for a career. If you can show that you have been out of work for a short time and did not just quit your last job because it was too hard or didn't pay enough money, then employers will be more likely to consider you as an applicant.

Employers may bring on temporary workers early

It's a good idea to take the initiative and apply for several jobs at once, so you can compare offers. If you're short on time, search for part-time or temporary positions that are open during the holidays. Employers may bring on temp workers early to fill in for staff who will be on vacation, which gives you more opportunities to impress the hiring manager and negotiate a full-time offer if they're impressed with your work ethic.

If you have been struggling to find work, now may be the time to start looking. There are many benefits to searching for a job before the new year, including finding employers that are open earlier than normal or having more time to prepare your resume and cover letter. If you don’t see anything available yet but want some tips on how to prepare yourself for an interview, check out our blog post about getting ready for an interview at any time of year! We hope this helps answer some questions about why it might make sense for you personally right now if nothing else does!

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